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Something Interesting!!

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I came across, some interesting facts about sunflowers. Yes, I know that it has nothing directly related to coffee, but as soon as I read it, I knew that I had to share this info with everyone who I knew. However, this also relates to the bee population as well. So here it comes.


I subscribe to a online/catalog (so old school, I know but it is fun seeing which items I can grow in my own backyard) plant & seed company, from the Canadian West coast. On the back cover, it is mentioned that I could have save the Planet, by planting more sunflowers. Now I have to tell you, that planting sunflowers, is one of the most easiest plants to have because you can not kill this plant. And depending on the variety, they can potential last all season long, and you will get to see all the different critters, in your neighborhood, flock just to eat the tasty seeds. You will see all kinds of Birds, from these tiny one going up the the woodpecker, cardinals & even blue jays. You will even get to see squirrels fighting over which one is going to be theirs. I have only planted it once, and that was over 10 years ago. Ever since then, when the critters eat, some fall to the ground and get in bedded and will grow the following season. Such a great way to save money.

This is what was on the back cover, of the catalog:

  • Sunflowers attract pollinators from a great distance.
  • They feed domestic and wild bees.
  • Sunflowers are guaranteed to improve pollination in your garden.
  • Beneficial insects like Ladybird Beetles are attracted to sunflowers.
  • Sunflowers are drought resistant, and extremely easy to grow.
  • Many Varieties make excellent cut flowers.
  • Sunflowers produce nutritious snacking seeds, cooking oil, sustainable biofuel, animal feed, and latex.
  • Sunflowers exhibit phytoremediation -they can be used to extract toxins like lead and arsenic from soil.
  • Sunflowers were planted at Chernobyl and Fukushima to extract radioactive caesium and strontium from the ground water.
  • Wild songbirds love sunflowers, and use the oil-rich seeds to build up fat reserves for winter.

When I read these facts, I was so blown away. I just could not believe that sunflowers would be able to remove toxins, from the soil, I just wanted to plant a million of these so that I could rid of toxins. This is from West Coast Seeds. There is also a challenge that has been written on the catalog. If you go to and register your garden, it will help the bee population. So check it out and send me some of your pictures of your garden.


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