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Coffee Parings

Hi Everyone,


Boy has it been a rough month, in my household. We have been getting sick one after the other, and then starting all over again. However I am glad that March is here and Spring is around the corner. I really love spring and the new beginnings, that happen everywhere.


Ok so on the the post. This I figure I may do a post about what can be had, with coffee. Everyone knows that you can have coffee with any breakfast item on the menu. Its one of those given and no questions asked. No matter if you are omnivore or a vegetarian, you can always find a match. Now it those other times of the day or if you are out and about or if you’re at you workplace or what have you. So I will give some ideas of what I have seen on the web.

So I stumbled upon a wen site called Spoon University. There is a writer by the name of Katherine Bartlett. She had some very interesting ideas. There are some that I just would try but the others, there’s a 40% that I might just try. I was really excited that she had Nutella on the list. It is one of my favorite things to have. If you get a English Muffin and then you toast it, spread some Nutella, Mmmmm you are in Nutella heaven. The warmth will just ooze out, as you eat it. Apparently, Nutella goes good with any Coffee, from anywhere in the world. I think that I just heard the world do the wave. Lol!!


Katherine also had on her list Salted Almonds. When I read this, I though that the added salt was not too good for our bodies. But the health benefits of Almonds, outweigh any risk of salt. They contain Protein, Fiber, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Now if you have High Blood pressure, then DO NOT EAT salted nuts of any kind. Salt nuts can increase your Blood Pressure and nobody want that to happen so choose the unsalted and you will achieve the same result. Apparently, you can the Salted Almonds with a Mocha Mint Latte.


Tapioca Pudding, not my favorite item at all however, I know that it is a very popular item. Tapioca is a sweet pudding and is made with milk or cream. You can also use coconut milk and it will bring a completely different taste out. This can be paired with and Bold coffee.



Then She had Fig Newtons. I haven’t had these in a very long time since Christie cookies had changed their recipe. It had such a horrible taste that just did not agree with me. Before the change of recipe, I could have eaten a hole package. Boy, this brings me back to my childhood. These are still quite popular today. Katherine has recommended that you microwave them for a few seconds and you paired them with a classic cappuccino. Sounds good to me.



Spicy Peanuts?? Is any one game for these?? I don’t really like spicy any thing and I have come to learn if someone tells me that its not spicy, then there still is some spice. However for those like the spice, she recommends that you combined the spicy peanuts with a sweeter coffee. If you can’t find one, then add lots of sugar to coffee or those that can not have sugar then use stevia, in your coffee.


How about a Dark Chocolate bar?? There is a big portion of the population who really enjoy eating a Dark chocolate bar. I, on the hand, really enjoy a awesome milk chocolate bar.  There is health benefits to eating both dark chocolate and drinking coffee so why not enjoy the two together.



Ok now how about Peanut M&Ms??  I would only worried about the people who have any Peanut allergy.  Katherine suggested that you throw in some of the M&Ms into any kind of coffee and the flavors will be amazing. Now, I think that this one will be a hit or miss. I think that I may try this one since I don’t like the M&Ms peanut to begin with and I will let you know how this taste like ok.



Another option is that you could do, is to add Dried Cranberries to your Caramel Mocha. Sounds tasty doesn’t it!! Now those who care about sugar content, then this is not for you. This one will have way too much sugar. You have the whipped cream, then the caramel, and then the cranberries.  Like many dried fruits, contain a significant number of calories. These tiny fruits also contain large amounts of sugar but only small doses of essential vitamins and minerals. So you really need to decide if this is for you.


Another suggestion, is have a Butter Mint in your mouth. Have a really hot Americano and the mint will slowly dissolve in your mouth. This one sounds really good But at the same time I just don’t know about having really hot coffee.

And the pairing is to have Kettle Corn with a Butterscotch flavoured Latte. It does sounds great, more if you are calorie conscious. The sweet flavour of Butterscotch will help to bring out the natural flavours of the Kettle corn.

There are so many suggestion out there and they are all good and the main thing is to go out and experiment with all the different types of coffee, snacks, and food of all types. Plus you could always add some kind of alcohol if that really tickles your fancy. But remember, NO DRINKING & DRIVING!! We all have families to get back to.


Until next time!!

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What is the difference, between Light, Medium, & Dark Roast of Coffee!!

Hey Ya’ll,


It has been a while since I last wrote, First off I have to wish everyone A Very Happy New Years. May we all be blessed with great health, prosperity, and the ability to appreciate our neighbors.


Ok, so now in this blog, I will be talking about the difference, if there is any, between the types of Roasts of coffee, that we have all come across, when shopping for Coffee in our local store. Which again, I have learn something new and I didn’t really know or maybe I should say that I understand how the process works. Thru my research on this topic, I found out that the roasting is the part that helps to bring out the flavor and aroma, which is locked inside of the beans. Apparently, the beans are stored “Green”, which is the outer shell before roasting, and there is no loss of quality or taste, the bean are in this state.

When you roast the beans, a chemical change begins and this change allows all the flavors & aroma, to be exposed. Now this is done by using a very high temperature, and once the beans have reached perfection, they are cooled down, almost immediately, just to stop the roasting from burning the beans. The Beans weigh less because of the moisture has been roasted out and the beans already smell like coffee when it is brewed. Once they are cooled, they are ready to be grounded & packed in the bags or even cans, that we are used to seeing, in the stores. Of it is true that once roasted and ground, the coffee should be used as soon as possible. Just like everything else in life, the fresh aroma, will disappear over time.  Roasting is a skill that is mastered over time, in fact years. It only takes seconds to ruin a batch of beans, and you don’t that to happen.



When you are in the store, the coffee usually falls into 4 categories. Light, Medium, Medium-Dark & Dark. Now within this categories, then you will have French, Italian, Breakfast, American, Espresso, Etc. In this industry, there is very little standardization however, as mention before this is why there is 4 categories.


Light Roast 

  • is a lighter brown color
  • is preferred for lighter coffees
  • has no oil coming thru since it is roasted long enough


Medium Roast

  • It’s Color is a medium brown
  • much stronger flavor
  • also non-oily surface


Medium-Dark Roast

  • A very nice dark color
  • some bittersweet aftertaste
  • and some oil on surface


Dark Roast

  • A very strong bitterness
  • an oily surface
  • produces shiny black beans


Another thing that I found particular interesting is that the darker the roast, less acidity, there is. Also I thought that the dark roast have more caffeine. However, the lighter roasts have more then the darker roasts. That was so interesting to me. What I have learned is that you will have to try many kinds of coffee to figure out which one, is best suited to you. Even within one grouping you will have to try many before you know which is the most suited to your taste buds.  Well, happy tasting and go over to to see what is new.


Cheers everyone!!







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How is the coffee grown??

Hi Everyone!!


So sorry for the delay. I have been seriously researching how is Coffee grown. The more I dig deeper, the more I start to see that I have been so wrong. I had thought that it we can grow it ourselves with the plants, which you can buy in our local Nursery store. How was I wrong. You would need several hundred thousand just to make a bag of coffee beans. I had learned that the coffee bean is the seed or the pits, of the coffee “cherry” and it is not grown in the ground, like how I had been thinking. Can you imaging that the Bean itself was growing like a carrot or something like that??

The Coffee Cherry can grow on a shrub or an actual tree, depending on the variety and where it is grown. These cherries resemble a grape. As mention before, that the beans are grown on the inside of the cherries. Usually there will be 2 of these “pits” growing and some of the time, there will be 1 “pit” and it is known as a “peaberry”. It takes approximately 5 to 9 months for the coffee cherry, to mature and then it can to be picked. The cherry starts off from bright green color to pink, red, dark red, purple and finally to black. Typically, most farmers knows that the best time to pick is when the cherries turn to dark red. If you wait until they black, the cherries are usually rotten by this stage of the game.

coffee-bean-pic An example of how the beans look like.


It does take about 5 years before the plants to begin producing the coffee cherries and that is if the right conditions are being met such as climate, rain, sunshine and shade. These trees can grow up to 16 feet if they are not trimmed back yearly. Most farmers will keep them about 5 to 7 feet. By doing this, the farmers get a lot more yield, year after year.  Also it is much easier to harvest the cherries, at a lower height. The life span of the trees are about 25 to 30 years and it can produce roughly 1 to 1/2 pounds of roasted coffee per year.  Arabica coffee is a self pollinating tree. Which is why we have more of this kind of coffee on the market. This much easier for the farmers. The tree does all the work, and they farmers do not have to worry if there are any bees or other pollinators near their farms.


coffee-how-it-grown  The picture on the left is shows how coffee is grown in the sun and then right shows how it is grown in the shade, under the canopy of the other trees. (photo from The Nature Conservancy)


The coffee beans are still hidden, the thick pulp. The pulp is a sugary, jelly like flesh. Under the pulp, there is another protective layer of called the parchment and then there is another cover layer called a silver skin. These layers have to been removed if you want to get to the bean. Wow, all that work just to get the bean out. Reminds me of Christmas and all the gifts that you have to take off the wrap.


coffee-cherries-shell This is how the coffee cherry looks like when it is  open. The beans are still under the cream colored flesh. (Image from The Great Fruit Hunt)


So you see, there is a long enough process that takes, for us to have coffee in our mugs. I couldn’t believe that it takes 5 years just for the shrub/tree to produce some fruit. Let us raise a mug and drink our coffee!!


Until next time,




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Can the Kcups be Recycled??

Hi Ya’all!!


I know that many people, are concerned about the recycle-ability of these Kcups. I too, had this concerned when we purchase one, several years back. We live in a age of recycling and the mere thought that, here is a product that can not be placed in the Blue bin, was just horrific, for me. In the beginning when they first arrived on the market, no one had thought that they would have exploded in popularity, as they have and it only seems to be growing stronger in sales as our population grows older. There is a convenience factor. No longer are you required to make a full pot of coffee. If you have guests over, can make a different one to suit each guests tastes.  For example, if you like Folgers and 6 of the 10 guests do not like this brand. 2 of the guests like Marley coffee, another 2 like Tim Hortons and the last 2 love Skinny Girl Half Caf. With the Single serve systems, now you can brew, the brand that the guest prefers to enjoy. No matter what kind or flavor it is. That is the great part of it.

However, because of society’s need for convenience, it has been estimated that 20 Billion Kcups will be consumed in the USA alone, and most will end up in the landfills because consumers do not take that extra few steps, to be able to recycle the cups. That is enough Kcups to circle the globe, 12 times. Now that is shocking, if I do say so my self. You are right in thinking that the Kcup as we see it, is not recyclable. That is how we put into the the Brewer itself. Now if you are able to or maybe I should say willing too, you can separate all the components, the lid, coffee grounds, filter and the plastic cups and it is completely recyclable. The only thing is you would have to check to see what number is the plastic cup is. If I am not mistaken, a number 5 or 7 can not be placed into the Blue bin.

There are so many products on the market to use for the Brewers. You have a reusable filter, which resembles a Kcup, but you are able to use your own brand of coffee. Even if you buy the whole bean and grind it your self, you can use the filter like you would a regular Kcup, and brew it in the same way. There is products to separate your foil lid, from the plastic cup. All you would have to do is dump out the coffee grinds, into the compost or to your garden. Your plants will enjoy it.

If you are into “upcycling”, there are so many project that you can do. Just search the net. You can use the, for placing paperclips, thumbtacks, beads, paints for the kids to use, coins, Halloween crafts, Christmas crafts, seed starters, hanging plant holder, and the list can go on and on. All you need is your imagination really.

You should also know that many of the companies are starting to produce, Kcups in which they are biodegradable. So there is no plastic cup, surrounding the filter. My husband tried these when they first came out, and he found that it was good coffee but the coffee grounds would come out during the brewing process. Maybe now the newer generation is better filters. We should try them again just to see what happens.

upcycling-of-kcups this an example of what can be done


k-cup-money-sorting-activity a good way for kids to learn about sorting coins



k-cups-hold-craft-supplies or for sorting beads, paper clips, bread bags tags



upcycling-pin-cushion a pin cushion


upcycled-k-cup-pumpkins seasonal crafts.



So yes these Kcups are able to be recycle if you take them apart. Just take the time to do so and you can potentially divert many from going to the landfill.


Many thanks,



Brew A Cup Coffee CO

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Summertime Recipes

Hi Everyone,


I came across this article in one of our local magazines which are delivered to our home. This article is about a few recipes which use K-cups as one of their main ingredients and I thought that I would share it with you. So here it goes.



  1. Pour a generous amounts of Chocolate syrup along the walls of a 16 oz clear glass. Just make sure that it looks like a honey comb.
  2. Squirt the Chocolate syrup to the bottom of the glass.
  3. You can add a sugar or your choice of sweetener, to taste but this is optional.
  4. Pack the glass with Ice.
  5.  Add about 1 oz of Half & Half.
  6. Brew your favorite Kcup, to fill 8 oz of the glass

Add Whip cream and drizzle more Chocolate syrup to the top and if you like you can add Chocolate sprinkles. then you can enjoy your beverage.



  1. Pour a generous amount of Caramel Syrup, along the walls of a 16 oz clear glass.
  2. Squirt Caramel syrup into the bottom of your glass.
  3. You can add a bit of sugar or a packet of sweetener, to taste but this is optional.
  4. Pack your glass with Ice.
  5. Brew your favorite Kcup, to fill 8 oz of your glass.
  6. Now add Whip cream to the top and drizzle with more Caramel syrup and enjoy your Beverage.



  1. Brew your favorite Hot Chocolate Kcup, and set it to the side.
  2. Brew a Espresso Kcup coffee and pour slowly into the Hot Chocolate.
  3.  You can add sugar or sweetener, to your taste or you don’t have to at all.
  4. Then you refrigerate until cold.
  5. Grab a 12 oz glass and pour Chocolate Syrup around the walls of the glass.
  6. Grab some Ice cubes and put into blender.
  7. Add your Hot Chocolate and Espresso to the Blender and Blend until the ice have been turned into slush.
  8. Pour into your 12 oz glass and top with Whip cream.
  9. You can drizzle with Chocolate Syrup or if you have Chocolate Shavings, you can use those too.



All of these recipes are easy to do and do not take too much extra time. So try them out and enjoy this weather, that we are having now.

All the best!!


Brew A Cup Coffee CO



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Maintaining your Single serve Brewer

Hi Everyone!!!


It has been a while since I have written another post, but I am back and with a very good topic, on maintaining & cleaning your brewers. I do know many people and not many are doing this. And this is the number one reason why your home brewers stop working &  sometimes the taste seems to disappear, and this is some thing that you do not want to happen to you since the some of the home brewers are a little bit expensive.


You do not need anything fancy to clean you machine with, just a mild soap and warm water. That’s it!! You can add some white vinegar, for it anti-bacterial properties. Now the vinegar does have a bit of an strong scent however it will go away, the longer it is expose to the air and you will need to wash thoroughly with water. Here are the steps to do a good cleaning:


  1. Clean all removable pieces — like the reservoir, tray, and K-cup holder — by hand in warm soapy water.
  2. Use a sponge or cloth to manually clean any grinds out of the K-cup holder.
  3. Next, you can clean the needle.
  4. Finally, you need to de-scale your Keurig.


De-scaling should be done once every 4 to 6 months. The reason why you need to descale is to get rid of the bacteria, lime and any build up which can occur. Most often, it is difficult to tell when, it needs to be done however, you can always mark it down in your calendar, and track it that way. When you are ready to De-scale, you would want to pour the vinegar into the water reservoir, until you reach the max fill line. When the Brewer is ready to brew, you will place a mug under the spout, select a size to brew and then you lift up the handle and close it back down. Do not place a coffee pod in, because the whole point of de-scaling is clean your machine and of course then you would be wasting a pod. When your machine indicates, then go ahead and proceed to do a brewing process.  Keep on “brewing”, until there is no more vinegar left. If there is, then just add some water and keep on repeating until finished, or you can just dump out the left overs, into the sink. No big deal right. The last step is to fill the reservoir with water, and repeat the “brew” process till the water is used up. As your final step then, just make sure that you give a good rinse of your reservoir, before you use it again.


You see, there is really nothing to it. This tiny maintenance, will provide you with many years of use and great tasting coffee, tea or even hot chocolate, for your enjoyment. Or the other option that is if you can afford it, is to go ahead and buy new machines, every year.


Happy Brewing Everyone!!

Until the next post.



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Something Interesting!!

Hello Ya’all!!


I came across, some interesting facts about sunflowers. Yes, I know that it has nothing directly related to coffee, but as soon as I read it, I knew that I had to share this info with everyone who I knew. However, this also relates to the bee population as well. So here it comes.


I subscribe to a online/catalog (so old school, I know but it is fun seeing which items I can grow in my own backyard) plant & seed company, from the Canadian West coast. On the back cover, it is mentioned that I could have save the Planet, by planting more sunflowers. Now I have to tell you, that planting sunflowers, is one of the most easiest plants to have because you can not kill this plant. And depending on the variety, they can potential last all season long, and you will get to see all the different critters, in your neighborhood, flock just to eat the tasty seeds. You will see all kinds of Birds, from these tiny one going up the the woodpecker, cardinals & even blue jays. You will even get to see squirrels fighting over which one is going to be theirs. I have only planted it once, and that was over 10 years ago. Ever since then, when the critters eat, some fall to the ground and get in bedded and will grow the following season. Such a great way to save money.

This is what was on the back cover, of the catalog:

  • Sunflowers attract pollinators from a great distance.
  • They feed domestic and wild bees.
  • Sunflowers are guaranteed to improve pollination in your garden.
  • Beneficial insects like Ladybird Beetles are attracted to sunflowers.
  • Sunflowers are drought resistant, and extremely easy to grow.
  • Many Varieties make excellent cut flowers.
  • Sunflowers produce nutritious snacking seeds, cooking oil, sustainable biofuel, animal feed, and latex.
  • Sunflowers exhibit phytoremediation -they can be used to extract toxins like lead and arsenic from soil.
  • Sunflowers were planted at Chernobyl and Fukushima to extract radioactive caesium and strontium from the ground water.
  • Wild songbirds love sunflowers, and use the oil-rich seeds to build up fat reserves for winter.

When I read these facts, I was so blown away. I just could not believe that sunflowers would be able to remove toxins, from the soil, I just wanted to plant a million of these so that I could rid of toxins. This is from West Coast Seeds. There is also a challenge that has been written on the catalog. If you go to and register your garden, it will help the bee population. So check it out and send me some of your pictures of your garden.


All the best,



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Hello world!

Hello World,

I would like to offer you a chance to buy single serve cups, for various brewers, that are often not found in your local store. When I went in to search for any product to buy, I was very disappointed with the limited selection in which I could fine. All of the local stores, only carried 3 to 4 major brands and in my search, I found hundreds and was so in shock , as to why the major stores didn’t carry the same if not, more than just 3 to 4 major brands. Currently, I do have approximately 10 different brands, and I am in the works to be getting more brands, as the time goes by. I will be doing reviews about the products that I am selling, how to clean your machines, and other interesting news in the world of single serve cups. Also I will add interesting recipes, for the drinks and meals/food items, which will enhance your experience.

I will add a post once every 4 weeks, and if you every have any thoughts, concerns, ideas, or even if you want to talk, just drop a note and I will answer back in a reasonable amount of time. So feel free to explore the site and happy shopping!!


Many thanks,



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