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Hello world!

Hello World,

I would like to offer you a chance to buy single serve cups, for various brewers, that are often not found in your local store. When I went in to search for any product to buy, I was very disappointed with the limited selection in which I could fine. All of the local stores, only carried 3 to 4 major brands and in my search, I found hundreds and was so in shock , as to why the major stores didn’t carry the same if not, more than just 3 to 4 major brands. Currently, I do have approximately 10 different brands, and I am in the works to be getting more brands, as the time goes by. I will be doing reviews about the products that I am selling, how to clean your machines, and other interesting news in the world of single serve cups. Also I will add interesting recipes, for the drinks and meals/food items, which will enhance your experience.

I will add a post once every 4 weeks, and if you every have any thoughts, concerns, ideas, or even if you want to talk, just drop a note and I will answer back in a reasonable amount of time. So feel free to explore the site and happy shopping!!


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