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Coffee Parings

Hi Everyone,


Boy has it been a rough month, in my household. We have been getting sick one after the other, and then starting all over again. However I am glad that March is here and Spring is around the corner. I really love spring and the new beginnings, that happen everywhere.


Ok so on the the post. This I figure I may do a post about what can be had, with coffee. Everyone knows that you can have coffee with any breakfast item on the menu. Its one of those given and no questions asked. No matter if you are omnivore or a vegetarian, you can always find a match. Now it those other times of the day or if you are out and about or if you’re at you workplace or what have you. So I will give some ideas of what I have seen on the web.

So I stumbled upon a wen site called Spoon University. There is a writer by the name of Katherine Bartlett. She had some very interesting ideas. There are some that I just would try but the others, there’s a 40% that I might just try. I was really excited that she had Nutella on the list. It is one of my favorite things to have. If you get a English Muffin and then you toast it, spread some Nutella, Mmmmm you are in Nutella heaven. The warmth will just ooze out, as you eat it. Apparently, Nutella goes good with any Coffee, from anywhere in the world. I think that I just heard the world do the wave. Lol!!


Katherine also had on her list Salted Almonds. When I read this, I though that the added salt was not too good for our bodies. But the health benefits of Almonds, outweigh any risk of salt. They contain Protein, Fiber, Vitamin E, and Magnesium. Now if you have High Blood pressure, then DO NOT EAT salted nuts of any kind. Salt nuts can increase your Blood Pressure and nobody want that to happen so choose the unsalted and you will achieve the same result. Apparently, you can the Salted Almonds with a Mocha Mint Latte.


Tapioca Pudding, not my favorite item at all however, I know that it is a very popular item. Tapioca is a sweet pudding and is made with milk or cream. You can also use coconut milk and it will bring a completely different taste out. This can be paired with and Bold coffee.



Then She had Fig Newtons. I haven’t had these in a very long time since Christie cookies had changed their recipe. It had such a horrible taste that just did not agree with me. Before the change of recipe, I could have eaten a hole package. Boy, this brings me back to my childhood. These are still quite popular today. Katherine has recommended that you microwave them for a few seconds and you paired them with a classic cappuccino. Sounds good to me.



Spicy Peanuts?? Is any one game for these?? I don’t really like spicy any thing and I have come to learn if someone tells me that its not spicy, then there still is some spice. However for those like the spice, she recommends that you combined the spicy peanuts with a sweeter coffee. If you can’t find one, then add lots of sugar to coffee or those that can not have sugar then use stevia, in your coffee.


How about a Dark Chocolate bar?? There is a big portion of the population who really enjoy eating a Dark chocolate bar. I, on the hand, really enjoy a awesome milk chocolate bar.  There is health benefits to eating both dark chocolate and drinking coffee so why not enjoy the two together.



Ok now how about Peanut M&Ms??  I would only worried about the people who have any Peanut allergy.  Katherine suggested that you throw in some of the M&Ms into any kind of coffee and the flavors will be amazing. Now, I think that this one will be a hit or miss. I think that I may try this one since I don’t like the M&Ms peanut to begin with and I will let you know how this taste like ok.



Another option is that you could do, is to add Dried Cranberries to your Caramel Mocha. Sounds tasty doesn’t it!! Now those who care about sugar content, then this is not for you. This one will have way too much sugar. You have the whipped cream, then the caramel, and then the cranberries.  Like many dried fruits, contain a significant number of calories. These tiny fruits also contain large amounts of sugar but only small doses of essential vitamins and minerals. So you really need to decide if this is for you.


Another suggestion, is have a Butter Mint in your mouth. Have a really hot Americano and the mint will slowly dissolve in your mouth. This one sounds really good But at the same time I just don’t know about having really hot coffee.

And the pairing is to have Kettle Corn with a Butterscotch flavoured Latte. It does sounds great, more if you are calorie conscious. The sweet flavour of Butterscotch will help to bring out the natural flavours of the Kettle corn.

There are so many suggestion out there and they are all good and the main thing is to go out and experiment with all the different types of coffee, snacks, and food of all types. Plus you could always add some kind of alcohol if that really tickles your fancy. But remember, NO DRINKING & DRIVING!! We all have families to get back to.


Until next time!!

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What is the difference, between Light, Medium, & Dark Roast of Coffee!!

Hey Ya’ll,


It has been a while since I last wrote, First off I have to wish everyone A Very Happy New Years. May we all be blessed with great health, prosperity, and the ability to appreciate our neighbors.


Ok, so now in this blog, I will be talking about the difference, if there is any, between the types of Roasts of coffee, that we have all come across, when shopping for Coffee in our local store. Which again, I have learn something new and I didn’t really know or maybe I should say that I understand how the process works. Thru my research on this topic, I found out that the roasting is the part that helps to bring out the flavor and aroma, which is locked inside of the beans. Apparently, the beans are stored “Green”, which is the outer shell before roasting, and there is no loss of quality or taste, the bean are in this state.

When you roast the beans, a chemical change begins and this change allows all the flavors & aroma, to be exposed. Now this is done by using a very high temperature, and once the beans have reached perfection, they are cooled down, almost immediately, just to stop the roasting from burning the beans. The Beans weigh less because of the moisture has been roasted out and the beans already smell like coffee when it is brewed. Once they are cooled, they are ready to be grounded & packed in the bags or even cans, that we are used to seeing, in the stores. Of it is true that once roasted and ground, the coffee should be used as soon as possible. Just like everything else in life, the fresh aroma, will disappear over time.  Roasting is a skill that is mastered over time, in fact years. It only takes seconds to ruin a batch of beans, and you don’t that to happen.



When you are in the store, the coffee usually falls into 4 categories. Light, Medium, Medium-Dark & Dark. Now within this categories, then you will have French, Italian, Breakfast, American, Espresso, Etc. In this industry, there is very little standardization however, as mention before this is why there is 4 categories.


Light Roast 

  • is a lighter brown color
  • is preferred for lighter coffees
  • has no oil coming thru since it is roasted long enough


Medium Roast

  • It’s Color is a medium brown
  • much stronger flavor
  • also non-oily surface


Medium-Dark Roast

  • A very nice dark color
  • some bittersweet aftertaste
  • and some oil on surface


Dark Roast

  • A very strong bitterness
  • an oily surface
  • produces shiny black beans


Another thing that I found particular interesting is that the darker the roast, less acidity, there is. Also I thought that the dark roast have more caffeine. However, the lighter roasts have more then the darker roasts. That was so interesting to me. What I have learned is that you will have to try many kinds of coffee to figure out which one, is best suited to you. Even within one grouping you will have to try many before you know which is the most suited to your taste buds.  Well, happy tasting and go over to to see what is new.


Cheers everyone!!