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What is the difference, between Light, Medium, & Dark Roast of Coffee!!

Hey Ya’ll,


It has been a while since I last wrote, First off I have to wish everyone A Very Happy New Years. May we all be blessed with great health, prosperity, and the ability to appreciate our neighbors.


Ok, so now in this blog, I will be talking about the difference, if there is any, between the types of Roasts of coffee, that we have all come across, when shopping for Coffee in our local store. Which again, I have learn something new and I didn’t really know or maybe I should say that I understand how the process works. Thru my research on this topic, I found out that the roasting is the part that helps to bring out the flavor and aroma, which is locked inside of the beans. Apparently, the beans are stored “Green”, which is the outer shell before roasting, and there is no loss of quality or taste, the bean are in this state.

When you roast the beans, a chemical change begins and this change allows all the flavors & aroma, to be exposed. Now this is done by using a very high temperature, and once the beans have reached perfection, they are cooled down, almost immediately, just to stop the roasting from burning the beans. The Beans weigh less because of the moisture has been roasted out and the beans already smell like coffee when it is brewed. Once they are cooled, they are ready to be grounded & packed in the bags or even cans, that we are used to seeing, in the stores. Of it is true that once roasted and ground, the coffee should be used as soon as possible. Just like everything else in life, the fresh aroma, will disappear over time.  Roasting is a skill that is mastered over time, in fact years. It only takes seconds to ruin a batch of beans, and you don’t that to happen.



When you are in the store, the coffee usually falls into 4 categories. Light, Medium, Medium-Dark & Dark. Now within this categories, then you will have French, Italian, Breakfast, American, Espresso, Etc. In this industry, there is very little standardization however, as mention before this is why there is 4 categories.


Light Roast 

  • is a lighter brown color
  • is preferred for lighter coffees
  • has no oil coming thru since it is roasted long enough


Medium Roast

  • It’s Color is a medium brown
  • much stronger flavor
  • also non-oily surface


Medium-Dark Roast

  • A very nice dark color
  • some bittersweet aftertaste
  • and some oil on surface


Dark Roast

  • A very strong bitterness
  • an oily surface
  • produces shiny black beans


Another thing that I found particular interesting is that the darker the roast, less acidity, there is. Also I thought that the dark roast have more caffeine. However, the lighter roasts have more then the darker roasts. That was so interesting to me. What I have learned is that you will have to try many kinds of coffee to figure out which one, is best suited to you. Even within one grouping you will have to try many before you know which is the most suited to your taste buds.  Well, happy tasting and go over to to see what is new.


Cheers everyone!!