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Can the Kcups be Recycled??

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I know that many people, are concerned about the recycle-ability of these Kcups. I too, had this concerned when we purchase one, several years back. We live in a age of recycling and the mere thought that, here is a product that can not be placed in the Blue bin, was just horrific, for me. In the beginning when they first arrived on the market, no one had thought that they would have exploded in popularity, as they have and it only seems to be growing stronger in sales as our population grows older. There is a convenience factor. No longer are you required to make a full pot of coffee. If you have guests over, can make a different one to suit each guests tastes.  For example, if you like Folgers and 6 of the 10 guests do not like this brand. 2 of the guests like Marley coffee, another 2 like Tim Hortons and the last 2 love Skinny Girl Half Caf. With the Single serve systems, now you can brew, the brand that the guest prefers to enjoy. No matter what kind or flavor it is. That is the great part of it.

However, because of society’s need for convenience, it has been estimated that 20 Billion Kcups will be consumed in the USA alone, and most will end up in the landfills because consumers do not take that extra few steps, to be able to recycle the cups. That is enough Kcups to circle the globe, 12 times. Now that is shocking, if I do say so my self. You are right in thinking that the Kcup as we see it, is not recyclable. That is how we put into the the Brewer itself. Now if you are able to or maybe I should say willing too, you can separate all the components, the lid, coffee grounds, filter and the plastic cups and it is completely recyclable. The only thing is you would have to check to see what number is the plastic cup is. If I am not mistaken, a number 5 or 7 can not be placed into the Blue bin.

There are so many products on the market to use for the Brewers. You have a reusable filter, which resembles a Kcup, but you are able to use your own brand of coffee. Even if you buy the whole bean and grind it your self, you can use the filter like you would a regular Kcup, and brew it in the same way. There is products to separate your foil lid, from the plastic cup. All you would have to do is dump out the coffee grinds, into the compost or to your garden. Your plants will enjoy it.

If you are into “upcycling”, there are so many project that you can do. Just search the net. You can use the, for placing paperclips, thumbtacks, beads, paints for the kids to use, coins, Halloween crafts, Christmas crafts, seed starters, hanging plant holder, and the list can go on and on. All you need is your imagination really.

You should also know that many of the companies are starting to produce, Kcups in which they are biodegradable. So there is no plastic cup, surrounding the filter. My husband tried these when they first came out, and he found that it was good coffee but the coffee grounds would come out during the brewing process. Maybe now the newer generation is better filters. We should try them again just to see what happens.

upcycling-of-kcups this an example of what can be done


k-cup-money-sorting-activity a good way for kids to learn about sorting coins



k-cups-hold-craft-supplies or for sorting beads, paper clips, bread bags tags



upcycling-pin-cushion a pin cushion


upcycled-k-cup-pumpkins seasonal crafts.



So yes these Kcups are able to be recycle if you take them apart. Just take the time to do so and you can potentially divert many from going to the landfill.


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