Well Folks,


April is almost done and it is crazy how this year is flying by. I’m just so shocked but what can you do right. You just have to go with the flow, and see where life is gonna take you. This Month has been a bit crazy in terms of weather in Toronto. It was getting a bit warm in the beginning of the month but now we got a crazy bit of winter weather again. The roads were so bad that there was over 1600 accidents, in Southern Ontario. 100 year old trees were falling down, cars and homes were damaged. And us humans are just tired of this cold weather. We want to get outside and enjoy this beautiful land of ours. According to the Weather network, next week does appear to warm up. Fingers crossed that it does. We need to warm up now. Hehehe!!


There is so much happening in the world of coffee. I don’t think that I will have enough space to cover it all. But I will write in bits and pieces. And hopefully my posts, will not be too boring and maybe it just might be inspiring to you. Starting off, I have noticed that many of the companies, are making very interesting flavoured coffee, available to the market. For example, Pumpkin spice, cherry cheesecake, blueberry shortcake, and black & white cookie. Even hot chocolate is getting into these flavours, which you just might enjoy. There is peppermint bark, peanut nut butter, Mexican spice, S’mores, and sugar babies just to name a few.  Hopefully I will be able to add these to our list, very soon.


It is very exciting times, in terms of single serve products. As the popularity grows, more different companies will make there products available. I can remember when in the beginning, there was only 10 companies available, an d now there is over 400 and its growing. There is an environmental concern, I will write about that in my next post. There are so many great ideas on Up-cycling the pods that the coffee comes in. More and more companies are choosing to use Bio-gradable cups, which is a very good thing. Just give it time and all the companies will be having Bio-gradable cups.  Keep coming back, and check to see to which new products on added to our shopping list.


Anyways, until next time Drink some caffeine and enjoy life.

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