If anyone has been in a store or even online, you would notice that there are tons of coffee to choose from.  The selection starts with the Roasts, Flavours, Grind, Form, Etc. It is really hard to choose even one. I would get very overwhelm and very distracted. The first place to start is to figure out how you would want to make your coffee. Would be it single serve or pour over top method, or French press. then you need to figure out for how many people will be having the coffee. If it is only one person, then your best bet would be to use the Single serve machines. There are so many kinds to choose from. You truly have the real mini home brewers, going all the way to one that will store enough water, that you can make for about 24 cups. And they can do froths/ foam, and keep it warm for you. Now for people who don’t like the idea of using the single serve pods, there are products on the market that you can use, in place of the disposable pods. There are pods on the market, which you refill, just like a your typical coffee filter but it looks like a single serve pod. You are able to use any coffee that you prefer. And then you just brew like usual.


Then you have the different Roasts. When you roast a coffee, this is a heat process that turns the beans into the fragrant, dark brown beans that we know and love so much. The Fragrance is really amazing. When this all starts, the beans are kept in their green state, so that there will be no loss of quality or taste.

This whole whole is done very quickly and done on high heat. The high heat will start  a chemical change to happen and when the peak of perfection is reached they are quickly cooled to stop the process. Only then will the beans start to look like and smell like the beans, you commonly come to know and adore. After the Roast is completed, the beans weigh less because most of the water has been cooked out.  At this point the beans are crunchy and are ready to be ground and brewed. Once the beans have been ground, they quickly loose the fresh roast flavour.  It is not the easiest thing to do. It does take years to master the art of Roasting. Your really have to be able to read the beans and make a split second decision before a batch can be ruined. this can really happen in the matter of seconds and you don’t want that to happen.



Above is the chart for the different coffee roasting levels.  This chart shows the degree of roasting and the characteristics of the different levels. In general, most people in Canada & USA, prefer the Medium roast. Now this can be attributed to their surroundings, whether that will be people, or the shops,  or even anything other reason that you can think of.  There is an assumption that the stronger the flavour, the more caffeine there is but the truth is that it is only slightly higher then we think.  The Light Roast coffee is usually light brown beans and there is usually no oils present because the heat was not strong enough to make the beans break thru the surface. The Medium Roast is more darker than the Light Roast, with a stronger flavour and a non-oily surface. Then you have the Medium Dark roasts. It has a very rich, dark colour with some oil on the surface and a slight bittersweet after taste. And finally the Dark roast. This one has shinny black beans with an oily surface and a very pronounced bitterness. Its not for everyone however, many people in the world really enjoy this one and it is best know as Espresso coffee. The Dark roast coffees start from slightly dark to very charred.



In the above picture you can really see the different roasts that can be done. Green is how is starts and going all the way to Espresso beans, and these can be know by different names, depending on where you are in the world. It is real easy to burn the beans. You can always give this a try for you self. And of course you can always try again if you do really burn them. So then one we have learned is that the best thing to do, is to keep trying all the different kinds of coffee and see which you really like. Once you find and you just keep on drinking away.


Many thanks & happy brewing!!





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