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Once again its the season, in which there is everything that is made with pumpkin spice. Are you one of those people, who enjoy this flavour?? Personally, I am the odd ball who does not enjoy anything to do with pumpkins but many people do and each year,  more and more items are added to the list of things available. Sometimes, its so shocking what is actually out there. I can  remember a time, when it was only coffee that was available. That was it and it was hard to find in the stores. As the flavour grew, so the the products. You were able to get Cereals, Cookies, Candy, etc. Lately, I have even seem body wash, lip balm, bubble gum, beer, etc.  Even household cleaners are available. I just can not believe it at all. Sometimes it just shocks me so much. But if the public loves it then they will get even more the following year.


Pumpkins are a wonderful thing. You can make many different deserts, and breads. The possibilities are endless. I think that it might stem having to remove the mush from the inside of the pumpkin. It always feels so gross to me. And sometimes the smell is not the greatest. Plus the flavour never really agreed with me. Kudos to you if you love it. I do know that the most popular item Thomas English Muffins, are a big seller and the next one would be Starbucks Coffee. It has been around for 15 years now which that so crazy. Who would have thought that it would be this popular. It was reported that the fans were going crazy because Starbucks had tweaked the recipe a bit and the fans were not too happy, when they found out about it. I don’t know if Starbucks had gone back to the original one or not. So a lesson to all businesses out there, don’t change the recipe at all, or you will lose customers.


I have found 2 different, DYI things if you are interested in trying out for yourself. I just love making anything homemade. I found it so relaxing and then you feel so good about yourself. But I’m not that talented on thinking from something from scratch. And it is very nice that the internet has so much to choose from.  There is a lip balm and a milk shake. They really do look very easy to do and you do not need many ingredients. Let me know how it turned out. If you are interested, then scroll down a bit.


This post is a very short one. Maybe the next one will be a little bit longer.  Anyways, enjoy your pumpkin spice and until next time!!



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